We don’t just take on your money as “debt”.

We’re partnering on deals with you.

How do we make money in multifamily?

TEM Capital is a multi-strategy commercial real estate investment firm that sources, underwrites, funds, and operates properties in the most desirable markets producing a superior risk-adjusted return for our partners. Put simply, our model consists of acquiring apartment buildings that have promising potential to improve profitability, then implementing our management team to add value and increase the cash flow that creates profit for our investor partners.

You don’t find opportunities, you create them​


Meticulously Underwrite

Meticulously Underwrite and Close on the Top 1% of Opportunities


Execute with Excellence

Execute with an Unrelenting Commitment to Excellence


Provide Superior Returns

Provide Partners Superior Risk Adjusted Returns


Broaden Excellent Reputation

Broaden our Reputation for Excellence Amongst Partners and Within Industry


Realize Increased Buying Power

Realize influx of Capital and Buying Power


Increase Quality Deal Flow

Increased Access to Quality Deal Flow

We call them overly competitive advantages

Strategically positioned to win (Our Advantages)

Real estate investing is our favorite sport, and we’re passionate about winning. Put simply, we are willing to do the hard things, the things most people aren’t willing to do.

Mutli Strategy Approach

Multifaceted strategic approach to investing provides flexibility and agility to adapt to changing market conditions.

Partner vs. Investor Approach

Those who invest with us enjoy the benefits of being a partner, which means you take a fixed ownership position that cannot be diluted. Its equity, not a loan.

Simplicity & Transparency

We make investing easy by removing complicated jargon and concepts offering an easy to understand streamlined approach to investing.

Finance & Banking Priority

Multifaceted strategic approach to investing provides flexibility and agility to adapt to changing market conditions.

Alignment of Interests

We personally invest in every deal, which creates an alignment of investment interests between ourselves and our partner-investors.

Innovation & Adaptation

We are at the forefront of technology and innovation in the commercial real estate space, and the leader in offering a modern and easy investing platform in an antiquated industry.

Improving Lives by Improving Lives

We have to take care of everyone, for it to work for anyone.


It all starts with empowering employees, valuing their needs, and equipping with the right tools to be able to succeed in their work environment.


With each innovative business plan, we are able to enhance properties, improve lifestyles, and provide exceptional living for our tenants.


By treating our partners and vendors like family, it allows us to create and secure long term relationships.


By taking care of the first three groups successfully is what allows us to keep our promise to our investors and produce returns that improve their quality of life as we win together.


We believe success should be shared. Through our culture of hard work, passion, and integrity we contribute to the gentrification process making an impact on the communities we operate in.

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