The best time to invest in real estate is yesterday

Why Start A Fund?

Real Estate Investing Made Accessible

Our company was built with one primary goal: To help as many people as possible find success through real estate.

We exist to create wealth beyond rational expectations for our partners through real estate investment. We have a passion for creating wins for our partners and making real estate investing easy.

Our success is the result of an unrelenting commitment and loyalty to our core values and purpose. Our diversified approach to investing provides our partners the very thing we get most excited about, helping them achieve personal and financial success.

Investor Benefits

You participate in all the benefits of owning commercial real estate

Cash Flow




Tax Benefits

Money doesn’t sleep, but you can​

Rest assured knowing your investment is well protected

If you want to invest in real estate, there are really only two options… You can take the time to learn everything there is to know, make it your primary focus, and actively spend every day doing it yourself, or you can find a trustworthy company to handle it all and produce returns for you passively. For most people, the first option isn’t actually an option or even a desire, which is why we created TEM Capital.

  • Expert Management
  • A Passive Income Stream
  • Award Winning Team
  • Depreciation Write-Off
  • Unrivaled Stewardship Over Your Investments
  • Tax Advantages
  • Industry-Leading Returns
  • Better returns than a 401k
  • Transparency in Our Day-to-Day
  • One of the Most Secure Investments