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Investing in commercial real estate, together.

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How It Works

TEM Capital is a private real estate investment firm founded by Tarek El Moussa. We help our investors achieve their goals through various property opportunities nationwide.

No Stress

When you invest passively through real estate syndications (group investments), you don't have to deal with the stress of being a landlord.

No Property Management

You get all the benefits of investing in real estate - cash flow, appreciation, equity, and tax benefits - without the hassle of property management.

No Additional Fees

No Additional Fees - If you were to invest $75,000, you just wire in $75,000; no additional fees are needed. Any portion of fees or splits we receive are already written into your investment amount.

About TEM Capital

  • You get all the benefits of investing in real estate – cash flow, appreciation, equity, and tax benefits.
  • Tarek’s brand and connections provide access to top-tier opportunities that we can bring to our investors.
  • We invest in every deal alongside of you, our focus is on YOU, the investor.

Real estate is an industry of limitless opportunity. It changed my life, and it can do the same for you.

Tarek El MoussaFounder & CEO

Current Offerings

Tarek El Moussa (TEM) has committed decades to becoming one of the most successful real estate experts in the world. Check out the current investment offerings at TEM Capital.

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