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About TEM Capital

Our organization exists to create wealth beyond rational expectations for our partners through real estate investment. We have a passion for creating wins for our partners and making real estate investing easy. Our success is the result of an unrelenting commitment and loyalty to our core values and purpose. Our diversified approach to investing provides our partners the very thing we get most excited about, helping them achieve personal and financial success through real estate.

Our deals provide an average of 5-6%cash on cash return to our investors.

Disclaimer: All return examples provided are based on assumptions and expectations in light of currently available information, industry trends, and comparisons to competitors’ financials. Therefore, actual performance may, and most likely will, substantially differ from these projections, and no guarantee is presented or implied as to the accuracy of specific forecasts, projections, or predictive statements.

The People Behind the Deals


Tarek El Moussa


Tarek El Moussa has committed decades to becoming one of the most successful and foremost real estate experts in the world. Tarek is the star of the several hit HGTV shows including “Flip or Flop,” “Flipping 101” and the latest show “The Flipping El Moussas.” Tarek’s dedication and passion for real estate has created a large portfolio of single-family properties, a wholesale and fix-and-flip real estate company, and a real estate investing education company. Tarek’s tremendous success and notoriety now allows him to focus on what he sees as his primary mission: helping as many people as possible find success through real estate, which led to the inception of TEM Capital.


Abby Calabrese


Abby Calabrese is the Chief Operating Officer of TEM Capital. She has over a decade worth of experience within financial services, and software startups and also holds a real estate license. In her role, she oversees operations and investor relations for the company. Abby brings an established sales track record along with management skills and a passion for real estate to TEM Capital.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get more information on current deals?

Great question! We recommend filling out this “Get Started” form. Our team will then get in touch with you regarding available opportunities. You can create an account in our Investor Portal HERE.

What am I investing in?

TEM Capital offers investors the opportunity to invest in single asset raises for apartment communities and self storage facilities. These asset raises can be brand new developments or value add investments to existing developments.

Can I invest with my self-directed IRA or other retirement account?

Yes! We can process investments through a variety of self-directed retirement accounts.

How will investor reporting work?

Investors will receive access to their investor portal where they can review their investment details and relevant documents at any time.

Depending on the offering, investors can expect to see monthly or quarterly updates.

How does TEM Capital work?

TEM Capital currently offers project specific syndications. Each raise will specify both the asset type and the investment type to ensure you are well informed about the investment you are making. We have plans to continue to expand our offerings in the future.

Who is eligible to invest with TEM Capital?

Currently, our offerings are 506c which require you to be an Accredited Investor. Click here for more information about what it takes to become an Accredited Investor.

What tax documents should I expect to receive?

You will receive a K-1 at the end of each year for each of your investments. You’ll be able to access these documents from our secure investor portal.

Does any depreciation or losses get passed through to the investor?

Yes! We typically perform cost segregation studies on all of our assets, allowing investors to benefit from bonus and accelerated depreciation.


Why Commercial Real Estate Investing?

Investing in commercial real estate can be a smart financial decision due to several reasons. First, it has the potential for higher returns than residential properties due to longer lease terms and higher rental rates. Secondly, it can help diversify your investment portfolio and act as a hedge against inflation. Thirdly, there are tax benefits associated with commercial real estate investments. Lastly, commercial real estate properties can appreciate in value over time. However, investing in commercial real estate also comes with risks such as market fluctuations, tenant vacancies, and property management issues. It’s important to consult with professionals before making any investment decisions.


Why Passive Investing?

Our investors often come to us with one of two obstacles:

  • They are actively investing in real estate but they are done being landlords. They know the benefits of real estate and they are looking for a more hands-off approach, OR
  • They have demanding full-time careers but they know how beneficial real estate investments can be. They want to get involved but do not have the bandwidth to take on an active investing approach.

Exciting Opportunities Available Now

At TEM Capital, we take the burden out of investing in real estate so you can reap the rewards while avoiding the headaches that come along with being a landlord. Our passive investment approach allows you to participate in large commercial real estate deals as part of a group of investors, also known as a real estate syndication. In this investment model, you take advantage of the tax and return benefits of real estate investing while sparing yourself the time commitment and hassle of the “hands-on” work.

If this is striking a chord with you, we would love to chat with you more about our investment process and our current opportunities to see what may be a good fit.

Let’s kick things off!

We’re looking forward to connecting with you.

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